Friday, January 22, 2010


Orlando is one of my least favorite places, but I must say that 75 degree weather was pretty to step off the plane to yesterday.
I met Rick in the airport and as I walked up he was holding a sign that said "Albert" which is a long standing inside joke.
We went to the hotel where I am staying and met Evan who was tending to the clients there.
We went to the other hotel where the general session was going to be and met the AV company that was providing the gear.
Setup was around 6:00 pm and we rocked it out by about 8:30 pm or so and then struggled to find a place in the hotel to have dinner. All the restaurants that were open were packed and we ended up in the lobby bar which had some pretty tasty appetizers.
Back to the hotel for a couple of hours of sleep and then a 5:15 am wake up call.
We met in the lobby and took a taxi over to the Marriot and now are just counting the hours till the break for lunch!