Sunday, August 17, 2008

The show is over

The show went well, the client was happy. It was really tough though. For whatever reason... it was really long and boring. Lots of data, they went long on every presentation and we were just beat up sitting through it all.
When it ended at 4:00 we started striking and the house came in and started laying down tables. We found out that there was a dinner in there right after our gig. We were rocking the teardown and trying to get out of their way. It all came down and we loaded it out in about an hour and a half. Evan had a 7:00 pm car to the airport so we changed clothes and then had a drink with him before he left. Allen and I went to a restaurant called the Distillery and had a nice quiet dinner that was really good. The Distillery was right on the ocean and seemed like a locals kind of place.
We came back and got an excellent nights sleep. These beds are super comfortable and the hotel is pretty quiet.

We are going to check out in a little while and hook up the Uhaul trailer for a two and a half hour ride back to Folsom.
Life is good.


Plewa said...

Moss Beach Distillery is excellent. They say it is haunted. It used to be a rum-runners hideout back in the Barbary Coast days.

plewa said...

P.S. - Love the blog. Read it often.