Friday, August 1, 2008


Allen's Dad stopped by on his motorcycle this morning to say hello and after chatting for a few minutes, I found out that he was going to ride up to Lake Tahoe for lunch. So I told him that I would go along.
Lake Tahoe is just over an hour away right up Route 50. I thought... it is noon... by 1:30 I will be stuffing my face in a casino somewhere in Lake Tahoe! We got about 15 mles away and I was starving! I guess John was starving too, because we stopped at a Mcdonalds and got a quick bite.
Then we were back on the road, and we got off the highway and started rolling through these beautiful twisty roads. The trees started getting bigger and bigger. We rounded a corner and the view was stunning! There was a beautiful lake that was brilliant green and blue.

One of the roads we were on that took us by the Caples Lake Resort

We started climbing the mountains and went from just above sea level to about 8000 feet, then back down to about 3000 feet. Then back up.... finally we ended up crossing the Nevada state line, after about 100 miles and then took a left hand turn directly into this huge mountain. We carved back and forth through the switchbacks and finally ended up at Summit Village for Heavenly Ski mountain in Lake Tahoe. Down the hill we pulled into the Lakeside Inn and Casino for lunch.
We both had hot open-faced turkey sandwiches with mashed potatoes and fresh vegetables. I was stuffed, and couldn't finish my vegetables... sorry mom!

The Lakeside Inn and Casino

Back on the bikes, we rolled through south lake tahoe and back down 88. The roads were so beautiful and the pace was perfect.
After about 70 miles or so, we stopped at a Safeway and John bought us some V8 Fusion, strawberry and banana juice, and we just relaxed a little bit, and talked about motorcycles and camping. John has had his motorcycle for less than a month, and has over 4300 miles on it. He has really put the miles on this last month!
Then we got back on the road for the final stretch.
I waved goodbye to John as he pulled into his neighborhood, and then I cruised the last 8 miles home for a much needed shower.
Thanks John for taking me along on your lunch ride!

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