Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Day 3

Van Buren to Nashville
The alarm went off at 6:00 am and I was really lazy.... I snoozed till 7:00 am and finally got on the road about 7:45.
The driving was going without incident, and I stopped for a bite to eat once I got through Memphis. I almost stopped in downtown Memphis for lunch, because I had gone to a place once that had a 4 pound cheeseburger. Then I realized I was not going to actually order the 4 pound cheeseburger, so I didn't waste time going into downtown Memphis and just continued on.
I was going to land in Nashville around 4:30 pm and was looking forward to a nice dinner and also the ability to find a FedEx office that was open so I could send off some paperwork that I need to mail for my Visa Application for Russia.
About 75 miles West of Nashville, I started hearing chatter on the CB radio about an accident up ahead. The truckers were saying that we should get off the exit before the accident and detour around it. I popped open the computer to bring up Google Maps and just as I was about to type in "Nashville" to search for a detour route.... the last exit zoomed by and then about 2 miles later I was sitting at the tail end of a couple of miles of traffic that wasn't moving anywhere.
Fortunately, I had a pretty full tank of diesel though so at least I could have air conditioning.
I popped onto the Tennessee Department of Transportation website and found the map that showed the traffic incident report and was dismayed to find out that they estimated that the road would be cleared by 6:00 pm!
I put the van in park and spent some time working on an image I shot in New Mexico. After that I chatted with some friends online and talked my Dad through a Windows XP problem he was having on his computer. Then I finally watched a movie for about an hour or so.

Finally the traffic cleared up and started moving. I really REALLY hate it when you sit and wait for an accident to get cleared up so you can get by, and by the time you get to the scene, everything is gone except for the skid marks and broken guardrails. It is just downright annoying. If I have to sit on the highway for two hours, I want to see some destruction!

I finally rolled into Nashville right at the tail end of rush hour and when I got to the hotel it was about 6:30 pm I got some dinner at Ruby Tuesday's and then crawled into bed.

Here is the image that I was working on from Monday afternoon in New Mexico.
New Mexico Sky

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