Monday, August 16, 2010

On the Road

On Saturday the 14th of August, I flew to Phoenix and had a great weekend of hanging out with Audra and Eric. On Sunday Eric and I went to the FOH Productions shop and pulled the equipment for a little show in North Carolina. We loaded it in a sprinter van and first thing this morning, around 7:00 am, I set off on a 2200 mile drive to Cary, NC. The drive today went fine. I had a little rain in West New Mexico, and pulled into Santa Rosa, New Mexico around 6:00 pm.

PHX to Santa Rosa

I checked into the Hampton Inn which is on Historic Route 66, and then went to a little place down the street called the Route 66 Restaurant. While I am sure there are probably a million eating establishments on Route 66 with the exact same name, it was still a cool looking place.

2010-08-16 19:18:51 -0600

That was about the extent of it's coolness though. The food was pretty bad, and the service was worse. Last time I ate in Santa Rosa, it was at Dennys which is right next door to the Hampton Inn. Although very convenient, The food was awful there as well. It was so bad in fact that the chicken I ordered was not fully cooked and I sent it back. By that evening, I was completely wrecked with food poisoning and for about 2 days, I was in the bathroom every 15 minutes.
So, while Santa Rosa is a convenient place to stop driving for the day... The food so far is pretty terrible!

Tomorrow, I will drive through Texas and Oklahoma, and call it a night in Van Buren Arkansas. There is a cool little Italian place next to the Hampton Inn there and I am looking forward to a decent dinner!

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