Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Another day in the AV Business

Yesterday I ended up having to re-edit some videos that had been produced for the show today.
Just little things, like cutting some of them in half, and fixing some glitches that were in the opener.
It was fun because we don't really do that. However, since the shows in Philly and Belgium Rick purchased some software and memory for my computer to edit a DVD project that we needed to work on, and it was really easy to fire up Final Cut Express and knock out the quick edits for our client here in San Francisco. I also had to chop up some music and produce 5 second cuts of a few songs to embed in a power point presentation. I knocked that out first thing this morning, and then hung around all morning waiting until my break out starts. It should be an easy afternoon and then we strike all the breakouts and pretty much my end of this show is over.
I should be leaving tomorrow sometime mid afternoon for the two hour drive back to Folsom. My jeep will be packed with sound equipment which is very exciting for me!

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