Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Philly day 2

The General Session just started and all is going well.
We went to Teds Montanna Grill last night and had a really great dinner. there were six of us and it was a good time of catching up.
One of our friends just happened to be on a show here in Philly, so, he stopped by for a few drinks and it was so great to see him and catch up with him. Thanks for hanging with us Matt!
I called it an early night and went to bed right after dinner. This morning was really tough trying to wake up.
The hotel totally did not deliver on my wake up call. I asked for a 6:15 wake up call, and they said they would do it... but nothing.
I had set my iPhone alarm and my travel alarm as a back-up, so, it wasn't a big deal, but that is why you can't rely on the hotel.

This morning Evan came in earlier than the rest of us to make sure the projectors were looking good, and it is a good thing he did, because one of them wouldn't fire up at first, and then all of them had drifted a little, so he spent a good 45 minutes tweaking them and making the images look good. After he finished that, he jumped back on his primary duty, Audio.
Rob is back stage running powerpoint for the show, but he has really made an impression on the client with his skills.
They have been throwing changes at him left and right, and he is able to handle them so quickly that it is really just downright impressive.
The clients are all referring to him as "The Wizard" or "The Man Behind the Curtain"
Even at breakfast this morning, someone stopped me and asked, "Is that the Wizard"?
I want to be a wise guy and say, "No, that is just some homeless guy we picked up", however I didn't and this lady went on to praise Rob about his skills.
It is a great thing to be part of a team that is so proficient.

We are trying to figure out where we will have dinner. It is a good possibility that we will go back to Teds Montana Grill again. The food is good, prices are very reasonable, and it is right across the street.

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