Saturday, September 20, 2008


Allen and I got on the road around 6:00 pm and headed towards Sonoma with a trailer full of gear.
The grumpy guy at the U-haul place didn't have the 6' x 8' trailer that we used last time in stock, so, we ended up with a 6' x 12' Dual Axle trailer this time. This trailer is a lot heavier, and we could really feel it pushing us around. We ended up getting into Sonoma around 8:30 pm or so, and checked into the Best Western. All was good. We were supposed to meet Rick for a drink at his hotel at 11:00 pm so, we went over there and hung out for a while. Rick's flight was delayed a bit, and we were getting really tired, so, we called Rick and told him we would meet him in the morning.

The next morning, we were suppose to get to the hotel to start work at 9:00. It was only 15 minutes away. We planned on getting up around 7:00 and then going to breakfast around 7:30. I got up and went outside onto my 2nd floor balcony to see what it was like outside.
I only threw a pair of jeans on... no shirt. After hanging out for a few minutes, I went to open the sliding glass door and found that it was locked... I was stranded on my balcony! I worked on the door for a few minutes, and realized that it was not going to open. I had no cell phone... nothing but a pair of jeans on.
I climbed over the railing and slid around to Allen's balcony, where I started banging on the door. He appeared, and looked at me wondering "what the heck are you doing?"
I told him the story, and his reaction was pretty much what I expected... basically giving me grief and making fun of me. What are friends for?

So, I called the front desk and they told me that no maintenance staff would even be on property till 8:00 am. So, Allen was stuck with me. Log story short... they came up and after a few trips back and forth to their shop, they cut the chain on the main door and let me in.

Moral of the story? Don't completely shut your sliding glass door on a hotel balcony. I can't imagine what I would have done if I was on the 12th floor. Also, make sure you have clothes on. I never would have lived it down if I had to climb over to Allen's balcony in my underwear!

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Michael Steighner said...

Sounds like the trip is off to a good start!