Sunday, September 14, 2008


Well, I was supposed to be in St Louis this weekend, but the show cancelled. So, I decided to ride up to Lake Tahoe today.
I left around 10:30 and stopped in Placerville an old gold mining town for a quick bite. I was going to hit a fast food place, but decided not to eat at any chain restaurants. So, I stopped at a place called Shoestring Chili Dogs. It was local.. and you know it has been around forever I am sure!

Shoe String Dogs Low Rez

So, after a "Kraut" dog which was pretty good, I headed back onto route 50 heading east and started climbing the mountains up into Tahoe. The sun was gorgeous, it wasn't too hot, and the roads were full of beautiful twisty curves. I carved my way towards the lake, and smelled the pines and watched the little creek fly by. It was really amazing! I pulled into the little town of Strawberry CA, which is probably about 300 yards long, and I knew I was going to stop at the Strawberry Lodge, but just before the lodge, I was awestruck by the rock face overlooking the lodge, so I pulled over and took a picture. You can see the lodge just ahead with the green roof.

Strawberry California low rez

I sat in the lodge in a comfy couch, smelling the fireplace smells, and watching people walking in and exploring the lodge. Then I picked up an issue of "Climbing" magazine, which I haven't read in many years. It was very relaxing and it felt good not to have an agenda or even a real destination. Today was just about enjoying the moment.

After reading the magazine, I decided to get back on the bike and take off.
I carved the last few miles up the mountain, and then started down into Lake Tahoe. There are about 4 little turnouts on the way down which have the most tremendous views of the Tahoe Basin. It was just a sight to behold as I rolled down the mountain road.

I decided to head up to Tahoe city, which is a bit of a ride. When you land in Tahoe, you are in South Lake Tahoe, and Tahoe City is on the Northwest Corner of the lake about 30 miles along a very twisty lake road. It takes about 40 minutes to an hour to get up there, because the traffic moves so slow.
About halfway there I realized that I was going to need fuel soon, so another element to think about as I putted along the lake.
When I pulled into Tahoe City, there was a gas station right at the intersection, so I fueled up, and then headed over to Rosie's Cafe for a drink and some food. I was really dehydrated and water never tasted so good!
As I ate, I watched the Seahawks/49ers game, and I was probably the only person there cheering for Seattle. Kinda funny.

Then I hopped on the bike, and turned it toward home. 126 miles away.

The ride home was uneventful, just a bit more difficult heading west into the setting sun. I am not complaining though, I had an amazing day!

Harley over Tahoe low rez

Oh.. as I rode up the hill close to my house, I stopped to see what was up with the bike abandoned on the side of the road.
It looks like his rear tire blew out. Big surprise considering how bald it was! I had a much better ride than he did today!

Abandoned Bike


Michael Steighner said...

Sounds like an awesome day dude! I gotta ask you later how you blog multiple photos in the same post. Do you post from Flickr? I usually can only upload the first one from Flickr, then upload the rest directly to blogger. Then the alignment gets all messed up. Are you going to singapore as well?

Anonymous said...

Ah, Steve! Good to be you, Dude... Thanks for sharing the trip... So, scout any good places to stay while skiing?