Sunday, June 21, 2009

Back to life

Seattle was really great. I saw a lot of old friends.. not all of them, but maybe next trip.
I did a lot of photo shooting. After a week and a half, I shot Fashion, a private Jet, a newly renovated hotel room, and a whole bunch of conference rooms at Bell Harbor and World Trade Center.
I decided to purchase a printer so I can save money printing my photos. I purchased the Canon Pixma 9000 pro printer which prints a 13" x 19" beautiful image.
When I got home, I started thinking that since the image size that I usually have been printing my images at is 16" x 20", I would just purchase some custom mattes that would fit the frames and I could print my own images.
When I talked to the guy at the framing store and he told me each Matte would be $18.00, I decided to purchase the raw materials and make my own Mattes. I also picked up a really good paper cutter to trim the photo paper.
All in all, it was an expensive couple of days, but you gotta spend money to make money... at least thats what someone said.

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Photo Printing Gear

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