Monday, June 1, 2009

Monday Monday

Today I spent some time down at the The Cellar and the Folsom Hotel. I helped The Cellar update their website, and then after spending the afternoon at the Hotel, I had a conversation with the owner of the hotel and she has asked me to build a website for the hotel. I am pretty excited about this because it is such a historic establishment. It was founded in 1855, and it is a main stay of Sutter St.
I am meeting with the manager tomorrow to talk about a game plan.

Allen called me as the sun was setting and told me how great it looked. He was almost home, so I grabbed my camera and he picked me up and we raced up to Folsom Lake to grab this shot.

Folsom Lake tree at Sunset

And finally... here is a good laugh for those of you that are kids of the 80's


Rick L said...

Mullet with Headlights... classic!

Michael S. said...

Oh god, freakin hilarious!