Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Running of the Steer

Every year in Folsom just before the Folsom Pro Rodeo, they have a cattle drive right down Sutter St. First they have a mile long foot race where they require teams of 5 people to be linked together with some kind of rope and they call this the Bullipede race.
Then a little bit of festivities with all sorts of groups on Horses followed by one of California's only surviving cattle drives.
It sounds a bit bigger than it is.... but nonetheless... it is pretty cool.
I decided to try and get the best photo of this experience that I could, and stood out in the middle of Sutter St. with my camera and hid behind a tree. Disregarding the warnings that the Folsom Pro Rodeo claimed no liability as to my safety, I felt pretty confident and cool about not being trapped on the sidelines with the crowd.

Cattle Drive Day on Sutter

The Wells Fargo Stage Coach rolled down the street and it was a cool site to see.

Wells Fargo Stage Coach

Then the announcement came that the Cattle were on their way! I started to shoot and then realized that a photographer from the local newspaper had snuck up behind me and was using my tree to protect himself from getting gored. That was ridiculous! This was my tree! As the Cattle got closer... like within 2 feet of me, I was just trying not to get stuck by these huge beasts... then the cattle drive was over and I was left standing there.. camera in hand.. wondering what happened.
It was a bit scary, and I am disappointed in myself for missing the shot... getting distracted with worry about my personal safety rather than hunkering down and getting the photo at all costs, but hey... live and learn.. next time I will show up on the 11:00 O'clock news... but I will get the shot!
Anyway.. here are the images I captured.





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NmyDreams said...

looks to me like you got some pretty good shots! Great stuff, Steve!