Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Rubicon Trail

When you own a Jeep and like to go off road, there is one place in the United States that is considered to be the Mecca of 4WD off roading. This Mecca is called the Rubicon Trail. I have always wanted to take my Jeep on the Rubicon, but you really can't do that without investing about $4000.00 into upgrades like a lift kit of about 3-4 inches, and 33-35 inch tires.
The entrance to the trailhead is about an hour and a half from my house, so today, Allen and I decided to at least go up to where it starts and explore a little.
The trip up there is just gorgeous! We stopped at a lake called Stumpy Meadows on the way and hung out with some real Jeeper dudes for a while and admired their Customized Jeeps.

Big Jeep 3

Big Jeep 2

Big Jeep 1

Big Jeep 5

Once we got up to the Trail head, there was a HUGE... and I mean HUGGGGGEEEEE Slab of granite. I got to drive the Jeep around and 4-wheel a bit. It was truly a great time, and now I just want to go out and lift the jeep and spend $30,000 and make it the rock crawler of the century. Back to reality Steve. It was really fun though.

Jeepn 2.

Jeepn 3


Jeepn 4

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Lori said...

Wow!! Now that looks like fun!! You only live once!!