Saturday, July 17, 2010

The last day in Dallas

The show ended at 2:45 pm yesterday, and I found myself still sitting at the audio console at 5:00 pm. The client decided to do a little slide review/rehearsal in the room and we had to change it over from round tables to a U-shape table configuration.
Once they were finished, we rocked out the change over and waited for Security to show up at 7:00 pm. Then we went to the front desk and inquired about getting passes to the airport terminal for a different set of options for dinner.
It was interesting... Dallas Police had to come and fill out forms, call in our drivers license's and once that was done, security was even more aggressive than normal. First a pat down, and then everything that we were carrying... wallet, phone, shoes, everything had to get sniffed for explosives.
Apparently because we hadn't bought a plane ticket, the TSA doesn't have the chance to run our names through the system and see if they should flag us. So, they assume that you would have been flagged and do the additional screening anyway.

We got through that and decided to go to a mexican restaurant in Terminal D. While it was nice to have a different option for dinner than just the hotel restaurant, You know you are ready to go home when you actually choose to battle security for the option to eat airport food.
The food wasn't too bad, and the service was ok. Interestingly enough... the knife that we got with our food was plastic, but the fork was metal. Now, you know know if you carried that metal fork through security, you would have gotten tackled like you were in the NFL and about to score the final touchdown to win the game.
It got me thinking.... if you were going to do something bad... how many things could you find in the airport terminal to Macgyver together something bad.

After dinner I pretty much went straight to bed and feel asleep within 15 minutes of crawling into bed. I slept like a baby, and while I feel sleepy right now because it is still early, I think I am going to feel better today than yesterday.
After the show this afternoon, we do a quick strike and then I catch a 7:27 pm flight back to Sacramento through Denver. I think I land at about 11:00 pm.
Just another day at the office.

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