Saturday, March 29, 2008

New York New York!

I arrived in Newark around 12:00 and was in the city by 1:00 pm with no problems. The client sent a Lincoln Navigator which was beautiful all leather interior. I read a magazine that was for the International Jet Setter.... I am considering renting a yacht that I saw in the magazine that costs $140,000 for a week, but I am just not sure when I will get the time.

I got a Gyro from a street vendor for lunch. It was tasty although a bit greasy.. what did I expect?
The setup went well. We got the rooms earlier than anticipated, but ended up being held up buy a lot of people trying to figure out the room set. We are mostly doing audio for this gig. We have 8 wireless mics that we sent into a mic splitter and then back to our console for the PA, and the second ISO feed goes to an 8 channel firewire interface and is connected to a Mac, where the video guys are recording an 8 track feed. The level adjustments are a bit dicey... but we are working through that. It seems as though it is all going to be good. Just a lot of tweaking. We finished the setup around 9:00 pm and then went to a great pub called the Old Castle Pub and Restaurant. We sat at the bar and I had Chicken Francais which was just amazing! Back to the hotel by 10:15 and off to sleep for a 7:00 am call, and an 8:30 show.
The show is supposed to end around 3:30 so just 5 hours left.

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