Sunday, March 30, 2008

Skiing at Belleayre

So, we left wonderful Newark after having beer with Evan at the Airport Marriot.
We downed 54 chicken wings... (still trying to figure out how many chickens gave their lives for our hunger...)

Rick and I drove up to his cabin just about 5 minutes from Belleayre Ski Mountain. It was about 15 degrees when we got there, so it took a while for the wood stove in the cabin to warm the place up. I slept in the main room right next to the woodstove so, I was toasty warm all night.. Rick.. not so much. 51 Degrees in his room.. 11 degrees outside. It did not bother me all that much.. in fact.. I slept all night never being able to empathize with how cold it was for Rick.
So, we got up around 9:00 am and went into Margaretsville for a quick breakfast.
Then back to the cabin to get out ski gear and off to the mountain. 

It warmed up to almost 40 degrees... the sun was beautiful and the sky was so blue you wouldn't have believed it. Sunday afternoon skiing, late in the season.. hardly anyone on the mountain... just an epic day!
We got back to the cabin and the wood stove has been doing its job all day. We walked in to a cozy 80 degrees and the smell of Chili cooking in the crock pot all after noon. Who is living the good life? 

These Guys!

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