Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Gig Bag.... The Holy Grail of personal bags

My friend Allen and I were talking about “Gig Bags” and the importance of having the right bag to do road shows. It is funny how you can see something that you want to take on the road with you such as a cool knife, or flashlight, and the second though in your head ends up being… where is that going to fit in my bag?

So, I decided to list out everything that goes in my bag when I hit the road to do a show.

So, here goes.

1 Macbook Pro w/Powersupply

1 Sony Viao PC w/Powersupply

1 Microsoft wireless mouse

2 USB 1 Gig Thumb Drives

1 100 Gig USB Portable Hard Drive

1 160 Gig USB Portable Hard Drive

2 Laptop Cable Locks

1 Ipod Cable Lock

1 PC USB HDTV Tuner w/Antenna

1 Pair of Sony Noise Canceling Headphones

1 80 Gig Ipod Video

6 Blank CD/R

1 Wireless Remote Control for Macbook

1 Skype Wireless USB Phone

1 Roll of Artist Tape (for Mixing Board Labling)

8 Sharpie Multi-Color Markers Fine Tip

8 Sharpie Multi-Color Markers Ultra Fine Tip

1 Pentax Optio S 4 Mega-pixel Digital Camera

1 Multi-Format Media Card Reader

1 iPhone/iPod Charger

1 Green Laser Pointer

1 Stanley Laser Measurer

1 Lamy Pico Black Pen

If you think of something I should be carrying, that you just couldn't live with out... Post a comment on this blog.


Scott said...

there is dust on my gig bag.

No kidding, actual dust.

jimmyd said...

How about your lucky charm sumthinornother, that you borrowed from your best friend's bag when he was busy? Wouldn't travel the world with out it!!

uncleb said...

What, No Maglite?