Wednesday, January 23, 2008

General Session Fun

So, I got a GREAT night's Sleep. Thank you Advil PM. General Session is going really well, Everyone is hitting their cues and the video they showed really added to the meeting. At 9:30 AM the security guy rolls into the room and whispers something to the producer type guy. next thing you know, the producer guy walks up the aisle and interrupts the presenter and says something to the effect of...."there is a fire in the hotel and we need to evacuate immediately!"
Wow... not just a fire drill... an actual fire! So, there is a fire exit directly behind my mix position, and we turn off the mics and step out into the warm Florida Sun. 
The group is standing all around the parking lot and someone realizes that they should take a role call of all our people to ensure everyone is out of the hotel. So, they herd us all into this huge tent in the parking lot, and ask everyone to write their name on a pad of paper. At this point, I realize that it might be helpful if the big cheeses could talk to the people and I remember that I have a powered speaker sitting right inside the door by my mix position. Larry and I snuck back into the burning building and grabbed the speaker and a mic, and head back to the tent. The Hotel Security wasn't very happy with us for sneaking back in, but they don't understand that we are about to save the day! In less then 3 minutes, we rocked the setup out, complete with gaffe taped cabling, and hand the mic over to the cheeses. Ladies and Gentlemen... We now are back in General Session. They finish out the last two presenters, and everyone is happy! We saved the world!
Later that day.. the hotel left a voicemail to all the guests explaining what had happened. If you want to hear it.. I posted it here.


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