Tuesday, January 15, 2008

January Work

I am headed to Orlando on Sunday for 5 days to do a follow up show to Memphis. After that, I am off to Dallas. These are two of my least favorite cities to work in. At least it isn't Chicago in the winter. It is a high of 65 in Orlando today, and  supposedly a high of 64 in Dallas. The hotel in Dallas is supposedly really close to the airport. the good news is, it will be a cheap taxi ride from the airport. The bad news... There is going to be nothing to do while we are there without paying 50 bucks to get downtown. I got word yesterday that Beijing is back on!
The dates are:
Travel - February 24, 2008
Set - February 28-29, 2008
Show -  March 1-2, 2008
Travel - March 3, 2008

This should be very exciting. I have to do some research as I have not been to China!

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