Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Carpe Diem Coffee Shot

Carpe Diem is the coffee shop that I have had the opportunity to hang my photos in.
This week I replaced all the shots of the Golden Gate Bridge with Lighthouses, and so far everyone thinks they are beautiful so hopeful someone will buy a few!
After Putting the new photos up and chatting with Louie Sr. and Louie Jr. I decided to take a photo of the restaurant and see how it would come out. The results were pretty good and so Louie Jr. and I staged the restaurant to clean up the shot. We talked to the few customers that were there and asked them if they would mind being in the photo and they seemed all happy about it and so we took a few shots. The owners were so pleased with the results that they want me to get the photo printed on Canvas and enlarged to 4 feet wide. They want to hang it in the shop so it is one of the first things that customers will see when they walk in.
I am pretty excited about this project.

Carpe Diem Coffee 365-27

Click here to view it large on Black


Rick L said...

Very cool Dude, congrats!

Michael S. said...

Way to go Steve. Great processing. Shot looks great too!