Saturday, January 17, 2009

Day two still in Miami

The alarm went off at 4:30 am. Even though I was staying in a hotel room right above concourse E, I thought it best to still follow the 2 hour time frame so in case the airport was busy, I would still make my 6:50 am flight.
Surprisingly enough, although American Airlines had a super long line and crowds of people going through what I did yesterday (they all had the same zombie look too) Security was pretty light today so I was sitting at the gate around 5:15 or so.

We boarded our plane on time, and I had bought yet another neck pillow.. I always forget to take them with me from home, so I have a collection of "Only used once" Neck pillows. I settled into the window seat and fell asleep.
I always love falling asleep and waking up hours later not even remembering the take off.
I woke up to my seat mate shaking me and telling me that I needed to get off the plane because they had a mechanical problem and had taken the flight out of service.
I got off the plane and saw the line building up rapidly at the Agent desk so I jumped in and now I am supposed to get to Dallas around 11:00 am and then will sit there until 4:30 pm finally arriving in Sacramento at 6:00 pm.

I do have to recognize that Sandra, the Agent at the C9 Counter was lovely, she was empathetic and spoke softly rather than yelling or just being annoying.
I am sure she won't be around long in the American Airlines company.. people like her just don't fit in!

American in Miami

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