Sunday, January 11, 2009

Heading to Miami

It is 34 degrees outside in Sacramento right now... brrr! I can not complain however because I am headed to Miami Florida where it is 76 degrees with a high of 78. Yea!

My flight leaves at 8:30 am and I fly from SMF to DFW with a layover there of almost 2 hours. Hopefully todays flying will go easy breezy. I am flying America Airlines today which is a bit of a challenge because I normally fly United and that is where all my status is. No jumping to the head of the line today, and I had to pay 40 dollars to get my luggage on the plane. The cost of the plane ticket plus the extra 80 dollars for luggage fees probably makes it cheaper for the company to fly me on my own airline.. and at least I would get the air-miles that way.
I will finally land in Miami around 7:20 pm tonight and then off to the Intercontinental Hotel. It looks like a nice hotel and I believe it is located in a pretty cool area for me to get some photos. So for that I am pretty excited.

Next Stop... Dallas Fort Worth International Airport.
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