Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Fun Fun Fun

When I made the deal with Abby at Ab's Bar, I agreed to shoot the exterior of the place once he got the city permits and his signs mounted on the building.
I stopped by yesterday and the sign guys were about halfway done with the project. They were using a big old cherry picker style lift and I told Abby to talk to them about getting me up in the lift to shoot this photo.

Abby talked them into leaving the keys for the lift and then called me and told me it was all mine!
It was crazy fun driving around the parking lot 40 feet in the air and the angles I was able to get were so much better than just shooting it from the ground.
Abs Exterior 365-141

Here is a shot of me in the lift getting ready to shoot courtesy of Allen who was on ground support duty.. blocking traffic as I drove around like a mad man
Steve in the Lift

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Rick L said...

Oh, we HAVE to get one of those!