Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Show Time

The setup here in Chicago went very well. The AV Vendor that provided the gear was really good and the equipment was all pretty new and in excellent shape.
The biggest problem we had was one of the back up projectors was dimmer and flickry (is that a word?) Rob replaced the lamp and that problem was fixed.

I have a digital console on this gig, it is the Yamaha LS9. The more I get to work with this board, the more I like it!
6 wireless microphones and 128 conference microphones spread throughout the room are the inputs, and I am using 9 of the 16 mixes for outputs. We are recording this meeting and sending audio to a audio teleconference. I get to use my JK Audio Innkeeper telephone interface, which is working in stellar form I might add. We are also sending audio feeds to the ePharma group and they are recording the event as well.

All and all, it is a cool gig, a little bit intricate with all the feeds going back and forth, and it is going well.
Here are before and after pictures of the room we are set up in.

Before the show in Chicago

The Show in Chicago

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Anonymous said...

How are you feeding the 128 inputs into the LS9? I know you are good . . .