Friday, September 25, 2009

Let the Games begin

General session is going well. Boring as all get out, but the tech end is rocking and rolling.
There is a feeling of excitement and anxiety as we get closer to the end of this day. The crew from Staging Horizons is showing up around 4:00 and once the meeting breaks, there will be no stopping them.
I will have to burn a couple of CD's of the audio recording files from the show, pack up my gear and then head to the airport to go to Thailand.
There are a lot of moving parts at the end of this show. Steve will be in a car heading to JFK 15 minutes after we break. Tom and I will be getting all of Rick's gear put together to ship out to the next gig and we have to pack up 50 conference mics and pack them to be shipped as well. The printer rental company is supposed to show up around 4:00 to pick up the rental printers, and the Radio Rental company should be around about the same time.
The pressure will be on to expedite all of this and then catch my flight to DC.
Tom has a 5:45 flight out of here to Dallas, so, I will be last man on deck.
Good times!

Philly Marriot  Salon A

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