Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Post for Mike

I woke up as the sky monkeys were banging closed cabinet doors, yelling at people to put their seat backs up 2.75 inches or we are all gonna die... you know... everything that they do when you are landing.
My next flight was at 1:12. We were supposed to land at 12:18 pm.
When we got low enough to pick up the cell phone network, my phone vibrated and I pulled it out to look at the emails, and noticed that the time said 12:47
The wheels touched down at 12:48 basically meaning that I had 14 minutes to be at my next plane or they would shut the doors and leave without me.

We finally hit the gate and I started running. When I saw the clock hanging from the ceiling, it was 12:54. Of course, We landed at C 18 and my next flight was B 9
As I ran by the departures monitor, I caught a glimpse that my Flight to Philly was leaving out of B18 so, I ran down the escalator ran across the people mover, and then ran to the gate... only to find out that it wasn't at B18 and was at B9.
I missed the flight by about 2-4 minutes... they closed the door and sent that plane a flyin!

So, I am now re-booked on a 4:10 pm flight and after they changed the gate on this one as well.... I am sitting here wondering what I did in a past life that causes me so much grief at the airport.
Oh.. and sitting next to me is a dude talking soooooooooo LOUDLY on his cell phone, you could hear him from C terminal.. or maybe even from Indiana and across from me are two middle aged women that think this seating area is their own personal red hat club and are carrying on with useless chatter about everything and nothing at all.
Verbal Diarrhea I call it.

I also lost my first class upgrade cuz they made me miss my flight... so, I am expecting that once we start circling over Philly, they will announce that they are going divert us to Wichita because of weather.


Anonymous said...

total workage... Mike is gonna love it!


Michael S. said...

Oh yeah, here we go........something tells me that this is indeed the 1st chapter.....