Monday, September 28, 2009

Setup day in Bangkok

The monitor meeting kicked off at 8:00 am and we started the General Session setup at 9:00. Kenny's crew rocked out the setup really quickly and perfectly.
A shame though.... We were basically done with the entire setup by noon, and then had nothing to do but sit around all afternoon which is hard to do when you are sleepy.

Bangkok GS

Tom finally landed after his plane from SFO got turned around because of an unruly passenger or two. He landed late in Tokyo and they put him up in a nice hotel, so, He finally got here around 3:00 or so.
We then went into an unplanned full rehearsal. That seemed to drag on forever! I was really dragging and just wanted to go to my room and call it an early night.
Tom and Steve are leaving today though, and Tom had to get downtown into Bangkok on his only day here, so, after we finished up, we hopped in a cab and went downtown to the Pat Pong night market again.
We hit the Happy Beer Garden and they were happy to see us again. The Indian guy that I bought my watch from the day before strolled by and we made some deals with him for more watches for Tom and Steve.






We then walked through the market... had a great time and bought some more stuff. After the market, we went back to the Happy Beer Garden for one last drink. I had told the girls at the beer garden that it was Steve's birthday (which it really was) and when we went back to the garden the second time they came out with some little cakes and sang happy birthday to him. It was really great! They were very nice to us, and it was a really pleasant experience... plus a lot of laughs... we finished up there and then got a cab back to the hotel.

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Michael S. said...

Yeaaaaahhh, looks like a tough show your on. Enjoy it now, cause, well, the airports await you for your return (hehehehehehehe)