Thursday, September 24, 2009

Setup Day in Philly

Call was at 7:30 am... I showed up with bells on... I was pretty jet lagged. It was 4:30 am my body time.... Staging Horizons showed up at 8:00 and loaded the gear in. Those guys rock! I don't know why it surprises me every time, but they always have great attitudes, attention to detail, and they work very hard and very fast. Our entire General Session room was up and set by 12:00 noon. Thanks guys!

The rest of the day was spent tweaking... putting out little fires here and there, booking travel for the next show in Chicago, and helping out our clients as needs arose.
All in all, it was a good day to be in the corporate theater and we finished it up with a nice little dinner in the hotel bar.
I had a great Seafood Linguine with Shrimp and Scallops. It was just the right size... I am not stuffed and will sleep like a baby tonight.
Tomorrow morning the call is at 7:00 am and thus will start the longest day ever that won't seem like it has an end to it.
Show till 3:30 or so, strike the gear, then fly to Washington DC at 7:30 pm. Then Fly from DC to Frankfurt Germany at 10:00 pm and land there the next day at noon.
3 hours later I fly from Frankfurt Germany to Bangkok Thailand and land there at 6:40 in the morning on Sunday. Only it won't really be Sunday. It will really be 6:40 PM on Saturday. So, 23 hours of travel after a 12 hour work day I will be in Bangkok first thing in the morning and ready to start work again. If I go to sleep when I get there, it will totally destroy any chance I have of existing there and feeling normal in that time zone. So, I have to sleep on the last flight and try to wake up like I just got a good nights sleep. Should be interesting.... Oh.. and all of these flights at this point are in economy.
I am not complaining though, I am very VERY thankful for the work, and totally excited to spend some more time in Bangkok.
I have my camera gear all ready and 28 gigabytes of blank memory cards just waiting to capture some of Thailand.

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