Tuesday, October 21, 2008

And now... an update from Prague

The show just started and everyone is happy.
Yesterday was a pretty long day. We had a few equipment problems. All of the LED strips that light the set decided that after working all afternoon, they were going to go on strike! So, all of a sudden, they just decided to stop working. That problem took a few hours to sort out. The mixing console we are using is a Yamaha O1V96 digital mixer. Neither Evan nor I are that familiar with it, although we have both used it in the past.
So, when the Aux sends weren't producing any audio, we started pushing buttons and sorting through menus. We found that the Aux Sends were indeed patch to the omni outs and although we tried a lot of things, it just wasn't going to play nice with us.
So, I broke down and got the manual for the mixer out. Yeah.. a crazy idea... I mean.. Who reads the manuals?
Well, as I opened the cover, I was dismayed to realize that the manual... was in German. Perfect! So, I got on line and downloaded the English version of the Yamaha O1V96 digital mixing console User Manual.
After finding the correct section, I read through the directions and it was no help whatsoever. That is why I don't read the manual.
Evan and I put our heads together and figured it out and got things rolling.

We finally finished last night around 10:00 pm or so and then went to the hotel bar and I had the best Mozzarella and Tomato Salad of my life followed by a Club Sandwich that was to die for.
Then I went to bed. Slept like a baby till 6:00 am this morning. This was really a good thing, because the night before, I got hit with Jet Lag and lay awake till 4:00 am knowing that I had to get up and work all day.

Saturday we went to a little town about an hour train ride outside of Prague called Kutna Hora. It was really enjoyable to get out of Prague and see more of the Czech Republic.

On the Train

Rick Tina Rob Bill

Cobblestones in the Fall

We walked around the little town and saw a big church called St Barbara's, and shot a lot of photos before heading back to the train. While we were waiting for the train, we met a couple of Newlyweds from St Louis. We chatted them up for a little while and then we got on the train and after beating up Rick for a while, everyone fell asleep, except Rick and I. Back to the Historic Square and down into a little basement Italian restaurant for a nice meal before heading back to the Hotel to meet some friends that we work with from Munich.
Sunday we worked for a while and then went out sightseeing around 2:00 pm. We went up to Prague Castle and got to go inside St Vitus and see the most beautiful cathedral. Before that we walked through a wonderful garden and saw some great views of the city of Prague.

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