Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Day Two of the Show in Prague

The show went well yesterday. No major problems at all. It was a long day though, and sometime in the mid afternoon, the replacement LED's showed up. After the show ended, we all pitched in and helped Christopher pull the broken lights and wire in the new ones.
Then we walked to the historic square and went to dinner at a really cool place that was about a block off the square.
I had Pork Schnitzel. It was THE BOMB!

After dinner Rob, Joy, Allen and I went to shoot photos.
It was a little depressing since the sky was black, the streetlights in Prague cast a weird yellow color across everything, so we shot till about midnight and stumbled back to the hotel feeling good that we made the effort, but not very hopeful about capturing anything cool.

Our 6:30 am call this morning made me wish I had just gone to sleep last night instead of dinner and shooting. I am still barely keeping my eyes open.
I started processing the photos from last night, and although the sky wasn't nearly what it was in May when we were here, I am pleasantly surprised with what I got last night.
Here are a few for you to look at.

Steve in Praha 1

St Charles at night

Prague Alley

Prague Streets

St Charles Bridge Night 1

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Michael Steighner said...

Very the posts from accross the pond! Your getting quite good at HDR! Look forward to seeing you again soon!