Sunday, October 5, 2008

Miami Florida

I had a 7:29 am flight out of Sacramento and a connection in Washington DC to get down here to Miami. A pleasant day of flying. I got upgraded to first class which allowed me to use a couple of upgrades that were due to expire, so that was a good thing.

I landed on time at 8:30 pm and took a cab to the hotel, and ran into Evan and Eric, so we had dinner at the bar and I called it a night. I got to bed around 11:30 pm and slept till almost 9:00 am today.

We had to meet one of the Trip Directors in the office at 10:00 am and set up a printer for her. After that we found that the rooms were available for us to setup. This seems like it would be a good thing, however the hotel told us that the rooms wouldn't be available till after 4:00 pm and we had everything scheduled to arrive at 4:00 pm or after. Things such as labor, power, computers... you know.. everything that we needed to do the job.

So, Evan made some calls, and moved things up... we loaded in about 2:30 or so. The load in was from one parking garage, across another, into a tiny service elevator, and then down a service corridor. With the humidity in Miami at almost 100 percent, we were covered in sweat.
But all is going well, and we will be done early today, so that is a good thing!

Right now I am configuring 10 of the 20 laptops that we have for a meeting tomorrow.
Thats about it.

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