Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Chasing the Light

We rocked up I-5 and then took a left turn on to 299 at Redding, CA. At this point, we left all the traffic behind. A beautiful twisting road that lasted for about 150 miles.
Lots of rolling hills and logging happening all along this route.

Allen at the Mill

We stopped in Salyer, CA for a bite to eat at a little market. Salyer is a town of about 250 people, and man did it feel like it.
After a good lunch, we continued on to US Highway 101 and had a little bit of rain.
Allen had loaded all of the lighthouses in California and Oregon into the GPS, so we saw that we were approaching the Lighthouse in Trinidad so, we dove off the highway and realized that we had both been to Trinidad together when we road up the coast about 5 years ago on the motorcycles.
We shot for about a half hour and came up with something... not really special, but it was beautiful.

Trinidad Lighthouse1

Trinidad Lighthouse2.jpg

The sun was setting and we knew we needed to get the last 30 miles under the tires if we were going to get anything cool in Crescent City.
So, we got moving and landed in Crescent City and went straight to the light house at Battery Point.

This lighthouse is on a small island, and you can walk to the island and visit the lighthouse only it is low tide. Otherwise the path is submerged under the ocean. We had checked the tide chart on Monday and knew that we needed to be there around 4:00 pm.
We rolled in right on time and it was truly spectacular! We had a blast running around, and trying to capture every angle and photo we could get. Here are the shots I have processed so far.

As I climbed up the path towards the lighthouse, Allen had already gotten up there, and as I turned the corner, with the sun blinding me, I saw this shot that I now call "Ansel Allen"

Ansel Allen 2

The sun was setting so nicely
Cali Sunset

The Battery Point Lighthouse
Battery Point Lighthouse 3.jpg

Battery Point Lighthouse 1 Vingette

All in all we took about 400 photos each and it will take some time to process them. When the sun finally set and we trudged back across the ocean floor, we were happy as kids in a candy store. We checked into the hotel and started playing with the pictures we had just shot until we were both starving. So, we went out looking for some place to eat besides the hotel restaurant. We went into a place called shooters that the front desk girl had recommended and it was not a place for food.. just pool tables and really awful Karaoke. Allen asked the bartender to tell him where she would want to go if they were on a first date, and she recommended the North Woods Restaurant and lounge.... This was the hotel restaurant!

So, we gave up and came back to the hotel. We had a good dinner and when the bill came, Allen told me that we were going to compete for it.
So, we connected our iPhones to the WiFi and opened up Air Hockey. The guy who loses has to pay for dinner!
It was so fun.. we were laughing and playing Air Hockey on our iPhones like it was the olympics. I am not going to say who picked up the check, but we had a blast.

After a good nights sleep, we are excited for the day, but just relaxing and not rushing as we process more of the photos we took yesterday. I can't wait for our adventures today!

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