Saturday, November 29, 2008

Seattle to Whistler

Well, The weather has been rainy.. go figure. We have been making the most of it though. Not a lot of photos that were all that cool, but I am hoping to find some gem when I go through everything we shot.
Here is a fun one of the Pike Place Market sign. It is not a great shot, but I kinda like it anyway.

Public Market


We are now in the magical village of Whistler.
There are thousands of people walking around everywhere, and everyone you talk to is friendly and you have something in common with all of them... Skiing!

We went for a drink at the Longhorn and watched the skiers come down off the mountain. The energy was great and everyone seemed to be having a blast.
Then we went to the hotel and hit the outdoor hot tub. There is not much better than sitting outside in 34 degree weather in a 108 degree hot tub and meeting new people.

We are relaxing now and going to get some dinner next. I am thinking it will be Mongolian BBQ.
Tomorrow morning, I am going to hit the slopes and take some photos from the top of the mountain. I just can't wait. It may be really foggy up there, but I am still going to try.

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