Sunday, November 2, 2008

Finally landed in Japan

Wow.. that flight felt really long. We got up at 3:00 am this morning and headed to the airport at 3:30 am.
Checked into our flight which was on time, and left for Chicago at 6:25 am. I don't remember the take off as I fell asleep before we got going. We landed in Chicago and had just enough time to change some US dollars into Singapore Dollars, Grab a sandwich and hop onto the plane. 13 long hours later, we got off the plane at Narita Airport outside Tokyo and now we are having something to drink in the United Lounge. Our next flight leaves in about an hour so we are on schedule to get to Singapore just after Midnight on the 3rd of November.
Long trip this one....

My friend, Mike Steighner is coming on this show, so I am pretty excited about getting out and shooting some photos with him.
I have no idea really what to expect in Singapore, except maybe a good beating from a cane if I litter and get caught.
Should be interesting.

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