Monday, November 10, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Allen and I just got home a little while ago.
It is so good to be at home after such a long stint on the road.
From October 16th to November 10th I have been home a total of three days, I have traveled 32,338 miles and that about wraps up my year.
First of all I would like to say thank you to Rick Lawall. Rick is the owner of Lawall communications and I have known him for about 18 years. Rick has brought me all over the world and given me the opportunity of a lifetime. To travel the world, doing the work that I love to do, and to do it in a first class style.
Not a lot of people get to show up to work thousands of miles away and greet their co-workers with a hug, and then spend the week exploring with their closest friends.

I do, and I constantly remind myself how fortunate I am to love what I do and who I get to do it with.

We went out shooting the last night we were in Shanghai, and then hit the bar at the top of the hotel for a drink with the guys. I snuck out onto the Patio and shot a few photos of the city. What an incredible view!
This morning, I got up and had breakfast with Allen in the hotel restaurant buffet. It was amazing just as it has been all week.
Rick, Evan and I had an 11:00 am car to the airport and had a great time talking as we rolled through downtown Shanghai. As we neared the airport, we saw a streak go screaming by us and realized that we just saw the Mag-Lev Train roar past us doing well over 120-150 miles per hour. We said good bye to Rick at the airport lounge and got settled into the plane. Evan, Allen and I were on the second floor of a Boeing 747. It is kinda fun to ride in the "bubble" The service from the flight attendants was awful. After having been treated like kings for 11 days, it was a "welcome to America" shock.
The flight went really quick, after eating dinner, we all fell asleep for about 4 -5 hours, and woke up as we were flying into San Francisco. Customs was pretty painless, and after a short hop to Sacramento, I am finally home. I have been trying to stay awake till this evening, but I fear I am losing the battle. Maybe I will set an alarm and just give into it for an hour or so.

I still have to process a whole bunch of photos, but I will post them soon.

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