Saturday, February 7, 2009

Home again Home again

I left for the airport at 4:00 pm and had a relaxing dinner with Don at Chili's in Terminal B. We said good bye and he headed home to Rhode Island and I headed to gate C17 to wait for my 8:40 pm flight. I did not get the upgrade to first class which was a real bummer because it would have made my knee a lot more comfortable, but I did get economy plus which is 5 more inches of legroom than a normal seat, so it wasn't to terrible. I watched some movies, fell asleep, woke up and listened to some music which was quite nice. Here are a few songs that I listened to that I think everyone should enjoy.

Bring me to Life -Evanescence
Shadow of the Day -Linkin Park
One -Mary J. Blige with U2
Leave the Pieces -The Wreckers
Loves Divine -Seal
Where'd You Go -Fort Minor
Tear Drops on my Guitar -Taylor Swift
I Can Only Imagine -Mercy Me

My plan to walk around Chicago and get some photos this afternoon was thwarted by the freight elevator incident, so I grabbed a photo of the tunnel between terminal B and C at O'hare international. I think I will be shooting that tunnel a few more times to try and capture more than I got this time, but here it is.

Ohare Tunnel

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Michael S. said...

I've wanted to get that shot ever since I started HDRing (is that a verb?)

Nice work. Sorry bout the careful :)

Hope all is well.

Hope we get a chance to get out and shoot again sometime soon!

We're in walkin mode for our last show day of the week.......8 hours to strike time!