Friday, February 20, 2009

The Taste of Europe Lamb Shank Challenge

There is a new restaurant here in Old Folsom called The Taste of Europe.
The new owners are very nice, they are doing a great job so far in a very tough economy, so Allen and I went down for dinner today to support them.
The owner/chef lived in Prague before and so we have sat at the bar with our laptops open showing each other photos. His name is Thomas. So, tonight as we were sitting there, the guy next to us ordered the Lamb Shank and when it came out, it was HUGGGGEEEE!!!! They told him if he finished it all, he got to ring the bell behind the bar. and sure enough, he finished the whole thing! It was a picture waiting to happen, so I snapped off a quick before and after shot.

The Shank at Taste of Europe

This is one you HAVE to View on Black

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NmyDreams said...

That is awesome. Love the expression on the guy's face!!! lol
And the way the picture shows up on my screen makes it almost look...metallic...the colors change a bit when you move up or down. Kind of adds a hint of animation. :-) Bet you weren't expecting that when you took the shots!