Thursday, February 12, 2009

Photo Business

I have been beating the streets and introducing myself and my photography to Bars and Restaurants all around Folsom.
It is not my favorite part of the business. I would much rather have someone else sell it, and then just go in and do what I do.
The acceptance has been pretty good though. Some of the people I have met are just plain rude... they all but kick me out of their store. Most however have been really great.
I shot the Cellar Wine and Cheese Bar yesterday. It was really fun using the new camera and seeing what a full frame, 21 megapixel camera does.

Tomorrow night I am going to try and capture a shot in Scarlets with the bar full of people and lots of motion blur, while keeping the rest of the shot in good HDR form. That should be fun.

Saturday night the owner of the Folsom hotel asked me to come in and shoot some of the place for her website.

Sunday night Allen and I are shooting a fashion show and I expect that is going to be pretty tough. Models walking very fast in not so great lighting conditions. We are volunteering for it, so there is little to no expectation. It will be a great learning experience.

Tuesday morning I am going back to the Folsom hotel before they open and going to try and capture some shots with an empty clean bar.
I am pretty excited about how much opportunity there is here for photography.
Here are the shots from the Cellar I took yesterday.

The Cellar Wine and Cheese Bar

The Cellar VIP Room

Wine in the Tasting in the cooler 365-42

The Cellar Wine and Cheese bar

Elaine at the Cellar

The Cellar Wine and Cheese Bar

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