Monday, March 16, 2009

Slow Times Indeed

So, I haven't done any AV work in a while. Next week I am heading to Los Angeles for a day or two where my equipment will be working for me for the first time in a while. I reserved the U-haul today for the trip, and Allen will be driving there and after he takes me to the airport, he will strike the equipment and then drive it back to Sacramento. I will be flying to Madrid for the week and doing a small show for Aegis Insurance. I have never been to Spain, so I am quite excited about this trip.

Today I actually got out of the house and took a couple of photos. The first is the rainbow bridge in Folsom. I met a couple at the Bar in Old Europe and they told me that they want a photo of the bridge for their fireplace mantel. So, I am going to have to shoot a whole bunch of shots in the next couple of weeks, looking for the perfect combination of sun, blue sky, and clouds.

Folsom Bridge
View on Black

After that I went to World Famous Barber Johns for a hair cut.
Barber Johns

View on Black

If you are going to get a hair cut... this is the place!

I know these are not the most interesting blogs in the world, however, this is really what life is like in the corporate theater these days.

Drop me a comment if you are still reading.



Michael S. said...

Still here....a faithful reader everyday! Sorry its so slow for ya. We are gonna slow down very soon as well. Working on a cool church show (Passion Play) for the next 3 weeks which I am looking forward to. Time to load in, rehearsals, Q's....... just what I like!

Have fun in Madrid! Hope you have a little time to run around. Is Rick going? I haven't heard from him in a while.

Take care my friend :)

Steve LaRose said...

Ah the days of The Passion Play. I still smile when I remember hearing you tell stories about Jesus running across the stage on the way to the cross when the lights came up.

Rick isn't going to Madrid unfortunately. Long story.. ask him about it.

Glad to hear you are in the middle of it all.. I can't complain.

Anonymous said...

So where's the picture of your world famous haircut?? Have fun in Spain...looking forward to seeing your pictures.

Rick L said...


Anonymous said...

Slow times with work means more time to blog. Come on LaRose, don't get too lazy on us!

Michael S. said...

Rick, what do you think this on the Boston Show?