Thursday, March 19, 2009


Great title for todays blog eh? I got up and went for breakfast at Mimi's with Allen, I had corn beef hash and eggs. I didn't like the hash too much cuz it was full of onions.
The day has been so beautiful today. It is about 75 degrees and totally sunny. So Allen and I took a ride up to Georgetown with the top off the jeep and looked for some photos to shoot. When we pulled into Georgetown, there was a cool old Chevy sitting in front of the Napa Auto Parts store, so that is the photo of the day today.
It was pretty relaxing and I even got a little sunburn.

Napa Chevy

We stopped at a couple of cool old trucks that I have seen before and shot a few pictures there.

Allen in Georgetown on the Chevy

I got a call from Old Europe to help them get the website I built on the internet. There is a company here in Folsom that does internet marketing, and they purchased the Domain Name
Then they put an ugly website up and charged the restaurant for their services. Well, the owner of the restaurant doesn't like the website that they built, and now Folsom Living owns the domain name. So, we are going to purchase and put up a website of our own.

I am getting a lot of free meals out of this relationship, so I can't complain!

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Rick L said...

Wow, Allen has a big lens!