Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Almost Home

We crashed in Ashland Oregon last night after a nice little dinner of take out Subway Sandwiches.
For just sitting in the passenger seat all day, I felt pretty tired.
We slept till almost 9:00 am and then got back on the road. It was pretty cold out at about 34 degrees.
We stopped in Yreka California for breakfast at the Black Bear diner, and boy was it good!
After driving for an hour or so we turned the corner and saw a gorgeous view of Mount Shasta. So, we pulled off the exit and went driving on side roads till we found a place for a good photo opportunity.
This is my favorite shot out of what I have played with so far.

Mount Shasta w fence 2

Now we are back on the road and about 145 miles outside of Sacramento.
This has been such a great road trip, neither one of us want to stop. Allen is a machine when it comes to driving. I haven't driven a single mile out of the 2000 or so that we have rolled.

Here are a few more photos of stuff that I processed yesterday on the way from Seattle to Ashland.

Downtown Seattle1

Puget Sound

Bell Street Marina

Thats about all I have uploaded for now, but if you would like to see the whole set from this trip, here is the address on Flicker

click here -Road Trip Photos

or here is the full address

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