Monday, December 22, 2008

Frigid photos

I know... I know... I keep complaining about how cold it is, but it is really REALLY cold here. 13 degrees outside right now and blustery. The wind makes it really bad!
So, today I scooted out by myself to get my head in the game to try and capture something cool about the town I grew up in. It was more difficult than I thought it would be. The things I remember as being cool.. not so cool... and the things that are pretty cool.. blocked by Lightposts and power cables. So, after driving around a little, I saw a sign that I thought was pretty fun.
Maybe no one will think it is as funny as I did, but here it is.

No Swimming

I read somewhere that whenever you are shooting photos of something that you think is interesting, turn around 180 degrees and check out what is behind you.. the real photo might be there. So, today I did just that and while I was shooting this Marina and getting absolutely nothing, I remembered the article and turned around and saw a pretty cool wood pile covered in snow.


I drove through the town and was headed out to a park to see if I could find something interesting to shoot and I saw a sign that pointed towards the Saugerties Historic Lighthouse. I have to say I got a little excited to shoot an east coast lighthouse after we just shot some on the west coast.
Then I got to the parking area and saw the snow covered trail.... Not quite as excited at this point.
About 1/2 mile later or so, my feet were cold, my face was getting wind burned and it was pretty much just miserable as I walked along the path getting beaten by wind off of the Hudson River. The only good thing was that I nailed the timing just right and was not chasing the light. When I saw the sun coming down and realized I wasn't gasping for breath, missing the shots and then realizing I had the camera set wrong because I was rushing, I felt a little better about hiking the half mile in the snow. So, as I turned the last corner of the path I was pretty happy with the view of the light house that was in front of me.

Saugerties Lighthouse 0.jpg

Saugerties Lighthouse 1

Saugerties Lighthouse 2

Here is the view 180 degrees from the lighthouse
Esopus Creek 1

I shot for about 20 minutes and then realized I couldn't feel my finger pressing the shutter anymore so, I decided that was a sign that I should start back.
Tomorrow we are heading down to NJ for a little shopping and then into Manhattan so I can try to get a shot of Times Square.

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