Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Leaving Seattle.. a tear to my eye.

Yesterday after we finished breakfast at the 5 spot, we drove down towards Harbor Island over by West Seattle and captured a couple of fun shots.

A Seattle Tugboat
Seattle Tug

Longshoreman Allen Price
Allen in Seattle

Me.. just hanging out... Ok, posing a bit.
Steve in Seattle

Seattle from the Westin Hotel Room 3531
Downtown Seattle

Space Needle 2

Last night we had a great time with Bob and Shelley. We hung out drank some wine, laughed our heads off and finally got to bed around midnight. It was really generous of them to invite us over and we had a great time hanging out.

Today we are on the move. We had a quick breakfast in Seatac at Dave's Diner, and are almost in Portland Oregon now.
The end goal today is Ashland Oregon, and hopefully we get a photo or two along the way.

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