Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Studio Photography

I decided to try my hand at Studio Portraits and found that without a subject.. it gets pretty old really fast setting the timer and running in front of the camera... smiling with a fake smile and then running back to see if the lighting change that you made had any effect. So, I rolled my Motorcycle into the living room and set up the backdrop, Lights and started playing.

I was pretty pleased with what came out of the shoot, however I found that when shooting shiny things, you end up seeing the reflection of everything in the room in the gas tank and the rear fender. It was fun though... I also realized that the Honda needs a wash, and a lot of detailing. However, here is the photo I came up with.

I wonder if I can get the Jeep into the house???? I really need a job...

GB500 Tourist Trophy

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