Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My First Showing

After talking with the owners of a local coffee shop in El Dorado Hills, they have agreed to let me hang some of my photos on their walls and put whatever price I want to.
So, I stopped by today and showed them some framed 16" x 20" prints of the shots I took in San Francisco last weekend and they loved them and asked me when could I hang them.
I rushed over to Home Depot and bought some picture hanging hardware and now I have 6 photos for sale in a coffee shop called Carpe Diem.
I am super excited about it!



Anonymous said...

Dude, congratulations! That's the coolest!


Anonymous said...

Congrats!!I love your work (and the blog).

Anonymous said...

Very cool Steve, congrats. Are you going to be making them available to other geographic areas. Maybe using the internets.

Michael S. said...

Awesome....that's gotta feel great!