Tuesday, July 8, 2008

At the airport

I am sitting in Gate 48 for maybe the last time.
My friend Dan picked me up at 8:00 am sharp and drove me to Greensboro.
In life, I have had the great opportunity to make good friends. I met Dan about a month after I moved to North Carolina.
We had a whole bunch of people help us move out of the storage unit to the new house we bought. It was not an easy day as we had a ton of stuff! Everyone was exhausted from loading and unloading the truck I rented. When the last box was off the truck, everyone scattered like flies. it was a ghost town. Dan however, stayed around and helped me more than he will ever know. We went to dinner and then he even came back after dinner and continued to work moving boxes... getting rid of cardboard and clearing out space so we could set the bed up.

Dan works out of his home, and that has been just around the corner from my home, so it has been nice to call him up and go grab lunch together. I have been on the road in foreign countries and through MSN Messenger, Dan has helped me solve IT problems. When we were in China and not able to hit certain websites because of the Chinese government, Dan hooked me up with a VPN to his servers and next thing you know... we are hitting everything we need to.
We have kept in touch over the last two years while I am traveling through MSN Messenger, from all over the world.

I really appreciate his friendship and concern for me. He is truly one of the greats.

So, in about an hour I will get on the plane and fly to DC, then to San Francisco, and then finally Sacramento. it is going to be about 10 hours of traveling before I make to to my new home, but I am flying United... so what could possibly go wrong??


Lee Potts said...

Best of luck on the west coast Steve.

Michael Steighner said...

Travel safe my friend!

Anonymous said...

Safe travels, dude. You got angels all around, Brudda, no worries...