Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Oh what a night!

Our Private Room at Kokkari

The show has been the show. Everything is going well... blah blah blah. Dinner however, is something to write about! Evan had found this amazing restaurant called Kokkari. It is a greek place and was just amazing. The food was incredible! We had a private room down in the basement, and our server, Lillith was up for the challenge. We laughed until we cried, ate until we couldn't see straight and then finished off with some desert, and a walk back to the hotel.
We ordered a ton of appetizers for the table. Everything from Spanakotiropita - traditional filo pies of spinach, feta, leeks & dill, to Soutzoukakia - grilled meatballs with tomato & green olive compote. Then Mike and I ordered Horiatiki - classic Greek salad of tomato, cucumber, bell pepper, onion, oregano, olives & feta. It was the best greek salad I have ever had.
Then, the main course came and I was already really full. I had Arnisia Paidakia - grilled lamb chops with a lemon-oregano vinaigrette & Kokkari potatoes. It was a tremendous dish. Just cooked to perfection. Although I was stuffed to the gills, I had to order a Kokkari Sundae - chocolate & vanilla ice cream with hot fudge, whipped cream & toasted hazelnuts.
All in all, a lot of people in the world never get to experience a meal such as this, so, I am very grateful. Thanks for treating us Rick, and Evan for finding the place!

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