Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Home from Brussels

The Brussels airport was crazy busy! Not much made sense... but we figured it out and were headed through security. I was watching my bag on the monitor and could see the outlines of the hard drives, all the mess of cables that I carry and I was completely expecting them to pull out my bag and search it by hand. The lady behind the machine called out for a bag check and then pointed out my bag. Big surprise.... Then she pointed out a sharp object on the monitor and the lady took my bag apart like crazy... searched it 3 times. I asked what she was looking for and she told me scissors. I said that I didn't have scissors, and she told me that she saw them. I thought that was weird because the sharp object that was pointed out was in someone else's bag.
Then Tina our lovely meeting planner who was standing next to me started looking through her bag and realized that the last 20 minutes of having my bag completely searched and taken apart was because she had scissors in her bag and the xray girl pointed out the wrong bag.

Just my luck....

The flight went well and I spent about 6 hours of it editing photos from my trip.

I got through passport control and then thought I would make it through customs without any hassle. Was I ever wrong....
I got pulled out of line in a random spot check. Tina had made it through right in front of me and never even saw me get pulled aside. So I go to the line that I was told to go to, and there were two other dudes in front of me getting the third degree.
I stood there for about 40 minutes just waiting to get called up.
Finally the dude looks up and calls me up.
Long story short.... I had 4 bags, he only opened two of them... barely looked in either of those and told me I could go.
It was truly ridiculous! They almost made me miss my flight... and didn't even do diligence to make sure I wasn't smuggling Drugs, or any other contraband into our beloved country!

I made the flight.... but come on.... does it have to be this difficult to just travel for a living?

I have posted the photos from the trip on my flickr site. Here is the address. Enjoy!

Click here for the Brussels photo set

Click here for the Paris photo set

Here are a couple of teasers. Enjoy!
Eiffel Tower UnderneathCenter 2.jpg

Eiffel Tower 3


Hilton Paris Terrace

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Paul Haglund said...

You get to live it large in Belgium......

I get to live it large in...... Renton......