Saturday, July 26, 2008

A Show in San Francisco

It was a hot week in Folsom, and I got out on the harley twice for about a total of almost 200 miles. Yesterday Allen and I went for a ride up in the mountains to a lake called stumpy meadows and then to a place in the woods called Uncle Toms Cabin.
The riding was tremendous! Twisty roads, long sweepers, just a motorcyclist's heaven!

I hopped in the Jeep this morning and drove to San Francisco where I am staying all week at the Hyatt Regency Embarcadero hotel. We are doing a show for an insurance company.
It took about 2 hours on the nose to drive. There was not much traffic and it is a different experience driving to a show instead of flying in. The experience started with a two car pile up in the middle of route 80 on the way here. Fortunately it happened almost right in front of me, so I I got past it before traffic piled up. The second part of the experience was pulling into the hotel where I found out that it costs $57 per day to park the Jeep. Ouch!
I am not paying for it, but I am going to try to find a cheaper place to park. With those kind of rates, I could have flown for about the same money if not less!

The crew arrives today starting around 12:30 and it will be fun to see all of them.
I am on IT duty this week, and we have a computer lab for internet and email that needs to be set up tomorrow. Fun times!

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