Monday, July 7, 2008

Moving right along

I got a call early this morning from the moving company who told me that the truck that was scheduled to take my stuff to California was not going to be here, and that a shuttle truck was going to take my stuff to a transfer station. They also said that "Bobby's"

The truck arrived around 9:30 am after a ton of broken up cell phone calls with the driver not having any idea where my house was. Three guys jumped out and introduced themselves as Fernando, Louis, and Tony. I walked them through the house and they were very happy. They had been told there was 7000 pounds to load on the truck, however, that included the Jeep and the two motorcycles. So when they saw my stuff, this was an easy Monday morning for them.

The load went very well and we were almost finished when Tony asked me how much fuel was left in the motorcycles.
David my Allied sales guy told me that I needed to have 1/4 tank or less in them.
So, I rode over the weekend and made sure that I was down below them limit. Tony looked at me and said that I had to drain the tanks.

I was not happy.
I had no gas can or hose to siphon the bikes. I just wanted to get them on the truck.
At that moment, my friend Todd had just shown up to drop off something for me and he heard the conversation and immediately offered to go get a gas can and siphon hose. Todd was the hero of the hour! About 20 minutes later, Todd showed back up and helped me drain the tanks... easy breezy!
We loaded the bikes on the truck and the boys took off with everything I own. A little surreal I tell you. Watching everything you own drive away with no real guarantee that you will ever see anything again. An accident on the highway.. a truck fire....

I suppose the lesson is not to hold on too tight. It is only stuff.

Now I am at my next door neighbors Brent and Courtney. They have been great neighbors for the past two years and unfortunately, we never really spent all that much time together. The good news is that we always have been really friendly with each other, and the times we did get to hang out have always been good. I suppose that is because they are just good people.

They generously offered me a place to stay for my last night in North Carolina, and we BBQ'd some burgers for dinner. It is very relaxed and just like good friends hanging out and watching TV.
My flight leaves at 10:22 tomorrow morning and my friend Dan is coming to pick me up and drop me off in Greensboro at the airport. By this time tomorrow night, I will be a Californian. Talk about surreal... My head is just spinning right now, and I am really not sure how I feel about all this. The point of no return happened a while ago though. Pretty much when I signed the contract to sell the house. The clock started ticking, and hasn't stopped since!


Michael Steighner said...

I understand your feelings my friend. Change is good though. You seem to have a positive outlook. That helps. Its needed actually. Safe travels :)

Paul Haglund said...

7000lbs ???
That weight would equil the stuffed animals in Jaquelin's room alone....